Real eyes realize real lies.
Congratulations to Nakai for attacking a 58.800 lap time at Tsukuba Circuit. Piloting RWB993 ‘Rotana’ 〜 09/28 idlers Super Cup.

Congratulations to Nakai for attacking a 58.800 lap time at Tsukuba Circuit. Piloting RWB993 ‘Rotana’ 〜 09/28 idlers Super Cup.





Happy 8月6日 Day ! 

Happy 8月6日 Day ! 




It’s your world I’m living inside.

It’s your world I’m living inside.

"I’m not in pursuit of enlightenment or anything special like that."

"I’m not in pursuit of enlightenment or anything special like that."

The Kanjozoku

Everything is CʘʘL in my world …

Everything is CʘʘL in my world …



Higashi-Ogishima Nights ☆彡

Higashi-Ogishima Nights ☆彡














  • stole $20k from his friends
  • made 30k from the clothing, and kept it all to himself
  • The mortar shells for the shift knob was kindly donated by his friend who’s in the military but never gave him any sort of credit or profit in return
  • Sold one of his best friends a 2500$ unbuilt aw11 for 11,500$ + 30% interest on the payments. Took half and kept the car
  • Cliffnotes: basically anyone that has gotten close to Alex has gotten burnt. Right now I’m civil with him; but that’s mainly because I never put myself in a place for him to owe me anything.
  • He owes Yuuki from Sexy Knights some money 
  • Letting down many other Japanese tuning shops due to his irresponsible actions 
  • Also from me, where’s my money Alex. Keep running because Chicago, Canada, Japan and America are after you.

This sucks to hear :( 

Don’t support people you cant trust

Spread the word guys

Damn dude.

Sucks to hear as well

For real


My gut is always right…


Woah, this is nuts… I supported him all the way…

Wait wait wait…

whoooah….wow what a shame could have been a great success too, thats what greed gets you

what the fuckkk happened?! thank god I never put that circuit soul sticker on my car, I guess I’ll just burn it lol.


damn bruh havent seen this in a minute. Is this even true?

It’s nice to see that I am finally able to make a response to this stream (as my account had previously been blocked by the original poster).

This stems from an individual that has been burning numerous bridges, as of late. There are always those that will stand against anything, and certain people that focus on trying to destroy everything around them to get to the top, rather than improving things for themselves. Trying to sink all ships around them, rather than sailing their own, so to speak.

We have always ran a completely transparent business. And we have always focused on simply creating items/media/experiences that we truly enjoy, and are completely passionate about, alongside individuals/businesses/groups that we support. There is a reason we do not push cheap, mass-produced junk. There is a reason we don’t forcibly advertise, and beg for “likes” and “shares” and sales. Our interest lies in creating things that we enjoy, that are thankfully also loved by others.

The same can be said about the cars that we’re building, the items we design / produce, the media we capture, and all those that we associated with on both levels of business and friendship. Everything that we do is done to the highest level of quality, and done in a very particular fashion and level of detail.

Above all else, we have focused more on developing, entwining, and connecting various aspects of car culture — hence our Matsuri event last summer, that brought numerous great people together, allowing everyone to meet face to face on our home turf. Door wide open to our Vancouver shop. 

CS is run by myself (Alex). I handle most of the operations, design, sales, manufacturing, assembly, sourcing, networking, media, as well as the business / shop logistics, as one person. There are a few other key individuals that have been precisely hand-picked, forming a very small, tightly knit group. Many of these people even on the level of loose affiliation, that themselves have contributed more to the dynamic of what Circuit Soul “is” than I think many would even give themselves credit for, simply through their friendship and support. Of course, there are also a couple people that simply haven’t fit the right mold, and did not work out on a business level - at no fault of their own character, but simply lacking in the skill-set or vision that did not coincide correctly. Such is life. Such is the reality of assembling any group attempting to accomplish anything.

We have built things brick by brick, bolt by bolt, day by day to get to the point that we’re at. And we are no where near done. I can assure you, if there was anything fishy going on - we would be moving at a much, much, much faster pace. CS was a self-financed start-up, and lacking a silver spoon in the mouths of anyone involved, every single item we produce (especially choosing to do so locally/in-house, with the level of quality we strive for) or project we pursue has a lot of risk involved, and requires a lot of time & work to make a reality.

We are a very modest company that has been continually working its way up. Our interest lies much deeper than simply money. Believe me when I say there are a million easier ways to try and feed yourself and pay rent. It has taken a huge amount of sacrifice across the board. Personal quality of life, stress, free time, relationships, personal projects, let alone ‘luxuries’ like personal cars grinding to a halt out of necessity (though, as all of us know cars hold a much stronger presence than simply a luxury in our lives). I haven’t driven my SW20 since 2011 - to put that time and money elsewhere where the business side of things needed it. Shop rent is not cheap, materiel/equipment costs are not cheap, and overhead does not pay itself. Thankfully, I am in this for the big picture, and because of that, appreciate things as whole. Both in the good and the bad, simply appreciating the lessons, experiences, and forward motion that comes from all ends of things.

In that sense, all that sacrifice has instead already paid off through experiences and friendships that make it worth while, and make pushing forward to the next day possible. Putting every penny back in to chase the dreams and goals that we’ve set for ourselves. Constantly reminding ourselves of that bigger picture, and where making initial sacrifices can lead.

We do this because we love it. There are a lot of people that try and skew things in every other direction - especially when it comes to something that they don’t really understand. We know that we are not a standard business model. Because to us, this is so much more than simply a business. This has been a 24 hour a day commitment since the beginning, and quickly became a large portion of how I define myself as a person.

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who have tried to dig themselves in to drive this all into being sold-out to mass produced garbage, or even just shifting things to a model that focuses on instant gratification rather than the process of delayed reward in enjoying the journey. The exact value I have personally built all of this off of. Focusing on utmost quality, and doing things for yourself, by yourself, and appreciating things as they happen - rather than trying to chase some kind of short-sighted “end goal”. The only rush, or final goal in my mind takes place on the race track.

Because of that, we also know that not everyone will understand what we do, how we accomplish it, or why we would even bother. None of this has ever been a matter of doing things the easy way. 

We have had a lot of projects in the works, and taken on numerous long-term projects from the beginning - ranging from tangible items, digital media/thought, right down to live events. We are continuing to push forward to complete those. Not simply day by day, but week by week and month by month. We have never been in this for anything short of the long haul. Enjoying things as they come, as they pass, and as we approach them.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disappointing to see certain people immediately drop the hammer at something as petty and cowardly as this. Immediately solidifying claims in their minds with no fact or reality, based on spineless internet slander.

I would just hope that people don’t believe everything they hear, and approach things with a conscious mind, and personal experience. Don’t believe everything you see, especially when it stems from a faceless coward hiding behind a keyboard, with no source or reality backing up any absurd claims.

To put some things into perspective, the shell casings for the shift knobs were never sourced through a member of the military. They were sourced from a colleague of mine that owns a firearms shop in which I handled their brand development / logo design. He had connections with a supplier that had a number of them. Those particular casings are not easy to get into Canada, and there were some hoops that had to be jumped through to do so. He kindly helped me with doing just that as a return for the favor I had done for him and his business. He is still one of my best friends, and I am currently helping him with some further design work for his company.

The aforementioned claim regarding the AW11 is another kicker. The individual that car is being built for is currently sitting on the couch behind me at the shop. He was previously out of a job and in turn, had to put the car on hold due to lack of income - a situation many of us have been in while trying to build a car. It has been held onto for him, with all included parts and current labor/assembly intact. And with his recent financial situation taking a turn for the better, is being completed in the near future.

It’s very easy to lay down ridiculous claims from behind a keyboard, with no sense of consequence. Don’t believe everything you hear.

Real eyes realize real lies.

If anyone reading this would like to chat further, or one-on-one, feel free to email me direct to my personal email.


Take care,

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░▒▓CHALLENGETsukuba Circuit, Ibaraki.

Tsukuba Circuit, Ibaraki.





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